måndag 17 mars 2008

Hello blog!

A lot have happened and I haven’t posted on the blog at all. But now I will!

The first thing that happened after the last post was that I went to a construction warehouse an bought lots and lots of wall putty and covered the whole dolphin.

I thought that you possibly could smear on the putty with the hands and create a smooth surface like in clay. But the putty had a strange consistency and became pretty messy.

But it was really simple to grind with sandpaper, I forgot to document my grinding in action but here are pictures of the smooth dolphin. I carved out two holes where I later made eyes out of clay. Jens came by and took some cool pictures.

On some of the pictures you can tell that the tail fell off at one point, so I reattached it and put another broomstick inside it as a spine.

Details around the mouth and the eyes were made out of clay;

… And the whole model was painted light grey so I could see where the flaws where.

Fredrik took some cool pictures of the finished sculpture!

måndag 26 november 2007

More pictures!

I’m in a hurry so I can’t really explain them right now. But a picture says more then a thousand words. So read the pictures!

fredag 23 november 2007

New Post

First I’m going to answer a comment I received:

lidokork sa "Men du kommer väl flyta?"

English translation:
Q: Lidokork said” but you will float?"
A: This is only the base sculpture. It will be made out of rubber later.

Alright, cards on the table: I haven’t been really that hard blogging lately. But it doesn’t mean that I haven been hard working! Now I just have to catch up with the blogging on the progress on my newly born dolphin.

Damn it’s looking good right now. But I’m not going to show you yet, that would be spoiling the ride... The next couple of days I’ll be retroactive blogging and today I’ll post a couple of pictures from the state it was in some weeks ago. A bit confusing but still ok.


side view

Fluke fin attached

The polystyrene balls go everywhere. Why didn’t I buy an overall???

On monday i`ll post more pictures so stay tuned!

söndag 14 oktober 2007

More Construction

Here are some progress pictures of the dolphin coming
together; I have it freely hanging in the air on broomsticks!

Starting to smooth it out.

Pretty smooth!

turned it upside down and started with the flippers.

Getting there...

And then BAM! A white sausage with flippers.

torsdag 11 oktober 2007

Johan W Svensson's Story

The other day I had lunch with Johan W Svensson the diver but I didn’t bother to tell you until now. Johan has a lot of diving experience and it was a real interesting lunch. I first we talked some about the suit and the project in general and he had some interesting suggestions.

The suit will be quite deformed of the pressure in the water and really hard to swim with because of the weight he said. Also I have to think of a good way of balancing the suit so it doesn’t roll over, float or sink and he lent me a book about diving with some diagrams on this topic.

Almost looks lik he had the diving mask on during the lunch dont you think?


I took some notes on his story and now ill try to put together a story around them. Also keep in mind that I somewhat dramatized parts of the it, couldn’t help it;

It was on the border between Egypt and Israel and this time Johan was on a particularly hard diving mission. He had to swim in an enclosure where they kept dolphins, sharks and Swedish celebrity party planner Michael Bindefeldt. Well actually Bindefeldt was in the diving team and not “kept”, still a fun fact. The dolphins don’t like sharks and sometimes killed them by thrusting fast into their sides. So once in a while the sharks where replaced by new ones. After a while thrill seeking Johan decided to dive outside the enclosure, that’s where it happened.

He saw it in a distance but the dolphin closed in fast. He looked intelligently into Johan’s eyes. Johan looked back and it felt like they bonded over the species barrier. We are somewhat all the same Johan thought. Then the bastard bit him!

As blood floated out into the water, Johan tried to scream his pain out. But the diving mask and the water turned the scream into a blurry foreign sound. The blood looked green in the water, like green mist. I have to leave this ghoulish place he thought, swimming to the surface.

Later he was told that it once was a tame dolphin that escaped the enclosure now enjoying the freedom of the wild. That the closed hand Johan stretched towards the dolphin to greet was the sign for fish the trainers once used.

Another time Johan swam with Orca whales in Norway. That’s cool as well.

torsdag 27 september 2007

From 3D to IRL

The IRL sculpture is coming together fine, I just finished transferring the 3d sketch to slices. Today I’m a man of few words, so I just let the pictures do most of the talking.

I started with my 3d model.

Sliced it up. The squares are A3 format paper with 10cm distance in between.

Printed the slices!

Cut them out (I'm very concentrated here)

Stacked the up as I went along...

Got scared that I'm making the whole thing to small.

Finished cutting, this is all the slices. Maybe this is the world’s shortest dolphin.

Pinned it all to the polystyrene.

So many parts.

Me posing with power tool! I'm bad!

Cutting out the slices 10 centimeters thick.

Put them in stacks trying to be organized.
Started to glue them together but that's another story. Over and out!

onsdag 19 september 2007